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Attributes of an Ideal Fire Suppression System Design Software

Automatic fire suppression systems became a standard in the US in the year 1874. These systems availed an instantaneous response to fire outbreaks within commercial and industrial establishments. Early fire protection sprinkler system installations made use of pneumatic tubing’s as the primary fire detection mechanism. A dramatic rise in temperature due to fire would cause the gas within the tubing to expand, thereby activating high-pressure water pumps. Water delivered at high pressure to ceiling-mounted sprinkler heads gave these systems ample fire fighting capability.

Despite possessing a high fire suppression ability, these early water suppression systems usually caused extensive water damage. Fortunately, improvements in fire sprinkler system design have produced fire protection sprinkler installations with ample fire suppression capabilities while minimizing water damage.

Fire Sprinkler System Design

Several fire sprinkler companies now allow users to design a custom fire protection sprinkler system. AutoSPRINK avails an exceptional fire sprinkler design product that stands out among the myriad of offers from fire sprinkler design companies.

The fire suppression software from AutoSPRINK comes loaded with a multitude of functional features. The ease with which users can carry out complex hydraulic calculations is one of these core features.

The features that the AutoSPRINK automatic fire sprinkler design software are discussed next while also highlighting the attributes and benefits that one stands to gain from a modern fire sprinkler system installation.

Complex Hydraulic Calculation Capability

The AutoSPRINK’s fire sprinkler system design product avails hydraulic calculations based on the Newton Raphson matrix and Haze William’s formula. A user can determine the exact water pressure and flow rate at any point within the fire suppression system. It is thus possible to precisely identify points where pressure drops occur. Using the AutoSPRINK’s fire sprinkler design software, you can redesign aspects of an existing fire protection sprinkler system installation to suit custom parameters. This fire design software allows you to easily overcome challenges associated with elevation and pressure loss due to flow constriction. You can rest assured that your final fire suppression design is fully compliant with the National Fire Protection Association standards.

Custom Fire Suppression Systems

AutoSPRINK’s fire suppression software provides users with multiple fire protection sprinkler system installation templates. Users can modify these templates by introducing new arm-overs, sprigs, drops, goose-necks and other fixtures to achieve a one-of-a-kind fire suppression system. You can, therefore, create unique fire suppression systems for varied commercial and industrial applications. AutoSPRINK’s fire sprinkler design software allows you to realize ideal fire suppression systems for restaurants, art galleries, museums, kitchens, and myriad other spaces.

Versatility and Scalability

The fire sprinkler system design software from AutoSPRINK is suited for the design of fire suppression software for large industrial applications. This fire sprinkler design software generates accurate hydraulic calculations for extensive fire suppression systems using up to 1000 sprinkler heads. You can calculate the exact flow rate and fluid velocity at each sprinkler head in industrial-scale fire protection sprinkler system installations. Furthermore, the capabilities of AutoSPRINK’s fire suppression software is not limited to water-based sprinkler systems. This fire sprinkler design software is suited for the design of dry pipe systems, standpipes, fire pumps, and chemical fire suppression systems.

Input Verification and Error Checking

Users have the option of using either the imperial or metric systems while carrying hydraulic calculations for custom fire protection sprinkler system installations. In addition to multi-measuring system support, the AutoSPRINK’s fire suppression software uses an algorithm that detects flawed inputs. This input verification feature ensures that you do not input values that fall outside standard fire suppression fire sprinkler system design parameters. Such values include pipe lengths, pipe diameters, material attributes, fitting quantities, sprinkler head specifications, and myriad other parameters.

Printable Reports

Finally, you gain access to a vast range of printable fire sprinkler system reports when you use AutoSPRINK’s fire suppression software. These reports include general sprinkler system data, fire hazard handling capability projections, hydrant test data, hose stream allowances, and so forth.

If you are in the market for the ideal fire protection sprinkler system installation, then it is best to begin by designing the fire suppression system you desire. You are assured of getting exactly what you need when you use automatic fire sprinkler design software.

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