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Why Hiring Recent College Grads Is A Good Hiring Move

There’s a well-worn cliché in business that simply says that time is money. In today’s fast-moving and constantly evolving business world, companies the world over are all looking for latest ways to maximize both time and money.

But this isn’t always easy and a big reason why is employee turnover. Employees in all sorts of job fields are leaving their posts more than ever. In June 2015 alone, it was found that 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs; an increase of 25% compared to June 2013.

The reasons people leave their jobs tend to vary from being unmotivated to not being rewarded or recognized for their hard work to not getting along with fellow employees or superiors. No matter the reasons, job vacancies cost companies time and money. For some companies, losing time or money due to being short-staffed can be disastrous.

So what can companies do, especially when it comes to hiring new talent? The best answer is to use executive search firms. Executive search firms and HR executive search consultants can help make hiring processes much easier and ultimately help companies find qualified, eager candidates who can help make companies better.

If your company is hesitant to hire a fresh-faced candidate out of college, don’t be. In many cases, new faces can be the best hires a company makes for many reasons including:

  • Good with technology: These days, technology shapes the way many companies do business. New hires and fresh faces make good hires because many of them are adept at technology. This is especially true of millennials, who have grown up with technology for most of their lives. Being adept at technology can be very beneficial for companies, especially those with older employees who may be reluctant to adapt to changes. Thankfully, new hires can use technology and help their fellow employees.
  • Finding the right fit: Bottom line: a new hire with a college degree is a blank slate that represents a lot of opportunity. Companies can train new hires and get them acclimated to company culture. Ultimately, companies can hire employees with the skills needed to be adept at working in today’s busy business climate.
  • No bias: As any experienced office manager knows, nothing can be more of a hindrance to a company than office politics. It never helps anyone. One of the best benefits of young, new hires is that they come in without bias. They’re eager to learn, fit in and contribute and as such, they’ll come in focused on doing a good job rather than getting wrapped up in preconceived notions or office politics.
  • A chance to learn: Executive search firms can help companies make the best choices when it comes to hiring. That includes making a choice of hiring full-time employees or hiring part-time employees until the company finds the right fit for the job. This is a good way for companies to find solid long-term employees who can benefit the company in the future.
  • Innovation: As previously mentioned, the way companies do business is always changing. Sometimes it changes by the year. By using executive search firms, companies can hire young, enthusiastic professionals who are ready to contribute and soak up anything and everything thrown their way. That eagerness and willingness to try new things may help them contribute some fresh, new ideas to the way a company does business and ultimately could improve operations.
  • Looking toward the future: Without fail every spring and winter, companies can count on thousands of new college graduates entering the workforce. Executive search firms can ensure companies are made aware of the best graduates, who are skilled, talented, passionate and moldable; employees who are focused on helping make the company better rather playing mind games. Finding the right people can eventually put them in position to take leadership roles within the company in the future.

If your company has a job vacancy for a key position to fill, using executive search firms can help you find the best candidates. Rather than getting stuck in an annoying hiring cycle, search consultants can help you find employees who can eventually become your future leaders.

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February 2020
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