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Why Decorative Mesh Screens are Replacing Traditional Advertising Billboards

In the last few years, architects and engineers have been coming up with modern and new methods of constructing various structures. The age of wood, timber, and iron has significantly been replaced by woven mesh. Welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh are the two common types of mesh that architectures are using.

Besides construction and installation of structures, woven mesh fabrics are being transformed to cater to additional activities. One of the most breathtaking developments in the mesh is where woven mesh fabric is playing a vital role in the construction of modern billboards. Combined with LED lights, woven media mesh is becoming the most preferred alternative in advertising as it offers the following benefits.

1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

One of the standout benefits of media mesh is that it is stainless steel in nature. It has been combined with several metals to produce one of the hardiest and strong metals that offer a better method of advertising. Stainless steel has proven to be a very reliable metal because it does not bend, it is resistant to environmental elements such as oxygen, and it does not rust. It is a durable material that can be used for many years.

2. Easily Installed

Installation is an important technical and mechanical activity that consumes a considerable amount of money. It requires experienced and skilled professionals who know how to handle billboards and install them without technical hitches. Media mesh can easily be mounted on the wall without major difficulties. It forms the category of metals commonly known as metal mesh walls because it can easily be mounted on any building surface within a short period. An only little experience and technical knowledge are required during installation.

3. Large Scale Applications

Using media mesh for advertising applications brings out considerable benefits that are difficult to come across in other advertising methods. It is essential in large scale billboard advertising. A media fabric can easily be mounted on any size of the building surface, which allows it to take a huge surface area, which is not common in other metal fabrics. In most cases, media mesh can take up to four times the area a traditional billboard will take, which gives it an edge in advertising.

4. Energy Efficiency

In the last few years, everything is revolving around efficiency and sustainability. Any application that uses less electric energy is highly preferred as compared to traditional billboards that are not energy efficient. Media mesh forms some of the most energy-efficient advertising billboards in the modern era. With 80% less energy consumption, every advertising company is enthusiastic about the usage of the new advertising metal facades. It is an opportunity for advertising companies to reduce their monthly electricity bills.

5. Transparent Media Façade

Just like energy efficiency, transparency is also an important aspect in any advertising board. It has to provide a sufficient and undistracted view of the building. Most of the traditional billboards out there in the streets have a transparency of 20% or below, which makes them not the best. However, media mesh is a transparent façade with transparency levels of 80% or more. This level of transparency allows for natural light and the necessary ventilation to reach the surface of the building without any distractions.

6. Environmental Friendly

All the points discussed above point to an environmentally friendly metal façade woven mesh that can be used for advertising and other structural applications. Energy efficiency is one of the standout environmental impacts demonstrated by this media mesh. The high level of transparency allows for sunlight to reach the building, which minimizes the need for heating. Adequate ventilation supplies sufficient air, which eliminates the need for an air conditioner.

If you are looking for advertising board, you must consider architectural mesh panels. These are state of the art woven mesh that will help you to form a large advertising billboard that will have a major impact. With less energy consumption and enhanced transparency, you will achieve your marketing needs with ease.

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November 2019
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