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Four Benefits Of Portable Isolation Transformers

When it comes to working in health care, engineering and dozens of other industries, having temporary power restoration devices like a portable isolation transformer or medical isolation transformer can be invaluable. When the chips are done, workers need the right tools on the job and temporary power restoration devices in the event that a main power source goes down.

Though there are many kinds of temporary power restoration devices, a portable isolation transformer is one of the most effective. Transformers—whether they are toroidal isolation transformers or marine isolation transformers or some other kind—offer plenty of benefits to users, which include:

  • Safety: One of the biggest advantages portable isolation transformers can offer is keeping workers safe. There’s no doubt that hospital employees, engineers and many other folks deal with expensive equipment every single day. Some of this equipment is used to save people’s lives and because of that, equipment needs to function correctly all the time. These transforms ensure that equipment functions as it should and helps protect folks from electrical shocks.
  • Quality: Among temporary power restoration devices, portable transformers is that they are of very high quality. They reduce the potential for current leakage and keep equipment performing at top levels. There were approximately 6,2010 hospitals coast to coast in the United States as of 2017 and portable isolation transformers can offer them high quality in all their tools.
  • Reduction in surges: With so many hospitals and other work fields that require power equipment, that means there’s a lot of tools that need to work and keep workers protected at the same time. The worst thing that can happen is to have equipment malfunction at the absolute wrong time, especially without warning. A quality transformer, can help make sure that doesn’t happen while also protecting against surges. With transformers, DC power signals are isolated, which means they can help equipment keep working even if the power goes out.
  • Less Noise: Perhaps one of the most underrated benefits of portable transformers is that they can greatly reduce noise. Many of them help filter noise away from power lines and help keep a constant flow of power into equipment, which means less electromagnetic noise.

Portable isolation transformers have plenty of benefits as noted above and by using them, healthcare workers, engineers and other workers who use them can stay safer and feel more confident that the equipment they use is going to work consistently and without any failures or short-outs.

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December 2019
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