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Are You Happy with Your Business’s Cyber Security Plan?

If we could turn the calendar back a few decades then cyber security consulting is one of those careers that would have not had much traction yet. Just as today’s career advisers predict that today’s new graduates need to be prepared for jobs that do not even exist yet, cyber security consulting and managed IT services providers were those still undeveloped careers few decades ago. As the nation and world, however, move toward an increasingly digital existence, there are many security needs of tomorrow that are just now being defined today.

Like any crime in the no digital world, the criminals are working to outsmart the authorities. Just as a cyber security consulting services are providing their clients with the latest technologies to protect our online Dara, there are a new set of hackers and bots preparing to break through those firewalls and challenge the latest systems. From counterfeiting money to breaking into houses, criminals have also had it as their goal to be one step ahead of the protections that many property owners have in place. In the same way, digital thieves continue to work through ways that can get them access to data that is their target.

Cyber Security Consulting Services and Managed IT Security Services Providers Continue to Protect the Nation’s Digital Data

Working with companies of all sizes, the latest cyber security providers offer a range of services that not only stop current attacks, but look for signs that an impending attack has been set in place. From the simplest methods of forcing employees and users to update and change their log in passwords to far more sophisticated strategies that seek to protect entire banking systems, there is an increasing need for cyber security specialists at all levels.

By the end of this year 2020, it is estimated that nearly 83% of a company’s workload will be stored on the cloud. This means, of course, that as much as 83% of this data will be a risk. Working with the latest IT strategies and cyber security techniques, providers offer a way to help both large and small companies find the help that they need.
Unfortunately, as many as 34% of companies fail to test their backups, and of those companies that do test, nearly 77% have found backup failures. It is for these exact reasons that more and more companies realize that they need to turn to professional consultation and IT disaster recovery services to make sure that they have constant access to the digital data that runs their companies. Even after losing all other assets, 72% of business owners indicate that they could likely continue business operations if they retained their data, so it is imperative that any business today has a plan in place to make sure that backups happen not just once a month, once a week, or once day, but that these backups happen as frequently as every few hours, and sometimes minutes.

Taken into perspective, think about the last time at your home when you struggled to get your spouse and teenagers to take the necessary precautions to make certain that their own personal data is backed up. No imagine that you are not just concerned about phone contacts and photos, but the financial information of thousands of customers.
In addition to the security services that IT management services provide, 94% of business enterprises also rely on cloud services to streamline their business. Making sure that all of their efforts are completed as efficiently as possible, in fact, is the only way that most businesses can survive in today’s increasingly competitive world.

The latest research indicates that as much as 30% of a business’s IT budget goes toward cloud computing, so it should come as no surprise that there is a significant amount of budget that must also be allocated to the security of this cloud stored data. We live in a time when there are many challenges to the way we live. The access of data through technology is something we all increasing depend upon, and it is increasingly important that this data is secure from theft, but accessible to users around the clock.

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February 2020
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